Sapelem Electronic Wire Rope Balancers

The Solution - Zero Gravity Lifter
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The Yaplex / Sapelem Solution

Loads from 0 kgs up to 300 kgs

This is a revolutionary intelligent high-speed electronic balancer / manipulator designed for repetitive handling tasks where both speed and precision are key. It automatically senses the weight of any load to be lifted and allows it to be moved by gentle hand pressure up or down. With lifting speeds up to 2000mm per second it make it the fastest lift assist on the market. Loads of up to 300kg can be lifted with as little as 1 gram of force on the sensitive handle! 

The arms are constructed from lightweight aluminium allowing free and easy movement in all directions. The multi articulation version also incorporates a double articulation in the centre joint which gives absolute ease of movement and results in no dead area whatsoever around the column or vertical axis. This manipulator offers vastly improved ergonomics in comparison to the competition.

The system is available for either floor or ceiling mounting with an ergonomic radius of up to an amazing 4700mm. The system is also available as a rail mounted version allowing it to be installed onto a lightweight tracking systems to cover larger areas. Depending on the radius and SWL, most systems can also be supplied mounted to a transportable base plate to allow easy movement by fork lift or pallet truck. This can allow the system to be used in multiple areas in one factory.

Grippers, vacuum attachments, magnets or mechanical attachments can be fitted and incorporated into the manipulators circuitry and the handle can be programmed to allow data from other sources to be linked into the operating cycles. This allows for 100% failsafe operation and is unrivalled by any other system on the market.

Incorporating patented Dynamic Stability Control and Anti Shock System, the system follows exactly the hand movement of the operator with no adverse movement or unexpected inertia when the operator’s hand is removed.


All systems available in 415v, 240v, 110v AC or 24v DC supply


  • Accommodates any type of gripper or end effector
  • Communicates information with other processes
  • Controls position with absolute accuracy


  • Can lift loads up to 300kgs
  • Acceleration from 0-1g
  • Immediate reactions with ultra high dynamics


  • Will never release its load in mid air
  • Will not allow lift until the load is securely gripped
  • Senses the presence of the operators hand
  • No hand - No movement
  • Holds its position in the event of power failure


  • Speeds of up to 2 metres per second


  • Copies the exact movement of the operators hand
  • Dynamic Stability and Anti Shock System filter out all shocks and vibration giving absolute precision control.


The Yaplex / Sapelem Solution is a truly Intelligent Lifting Device with a difference. It is not based on old fashioned Load Cell technology and does not require frequent re-setting when it has been knocked or switched off. Unlike other so called 'Intelligent Lifting' systems it has a 100% duty cycle at all weights and will not simply close down when the duty cycle is exceeded.

All our products are completely fail safe and are supplied with full CE certification. Our equipment conforms to EC Machinery directives and meets all other EC standards.